My One Day Las Vegas Trip Report

DISCLAIMER… This trip report contains more than just Las Vegas…. so if you’re looking for a 100% LV TR, this is not one of them. You’ll have to read thru before LV details come up. LV is sandwiched between portions of my driving trip. Not all ‘days’ will be related to LV. TR is broken up into segments (days).

Woke at about 7:00. Got ready to go to the funeral parlor to meet up with the transport. My mother had passed on, as all of you know. She could not be taken to the Federal cemetary over the Memorial Day weekend on account of the ‘services’ they conduct & the amount of persons that are usually there.

Arrived at the funeral parlor & met up with the driver at 10:00. Followed my mother )o: down to the cemetary, and did what i had to do in those respects. I wont say more about that, on account of i just wont.

I had decided to add a road trip to the drive to the cemetary….i was going to continue on the interstate (as the drive was already 145 miles south of our town).

It is 1:00, our california weather began to heat up a bit. With air conditioning on i merged back onto I-5, and continued to drive. About 160 miles later i was in need of gas. I should have re-fueled in the same town as the cemetary. Gas there was about $2.40. Where i ended up re-fueling, it was 2.89. Oh well.

It is about 3:30, i am in Bakersfield and think i am lucky to have beat the commute traffic for this town & begin to climb the Tehachapi Pass. This was about the only place i encountered a good handful of slow big-rigs. No biggie, soon i am in front of Edwards Air Force Base. Within an hour i am on I-15, and headed thru Barstow/Baker/Primm/and eventually to LV.

Once on I-15 the speed of traffic (those SOUTHERN CALIF drivers, lol), was close to 90. But not me–80 was more than enough speed for me. I was getting hungry, but opted to wait til my next fuel-stop. This was going to be Primm.

Almost 7:00..and i pull into Primm & filled up for around $2.40/gallon. I didnt want to go into a stateline mini-casino & be there for God knows how long. So, while the 89 octane was pumping, i ran into the chevron mini-mart. Opted for a bottled water & a jumbo beef jerky pack, lol. The life of the road-trip.

Full tank of gas & i’m arriving in LV…i can start to see the biggie hotels like MB & the pyramid. I exit @ Frank Sinatra drive, just so i can do a strip drive b4 arriving at my hoel. It’s almost 8:00pm and at every single lite i snap a pict out of the car window. We’ll see how they ‘came out’ later.

Arrive at the Mirage @8pm… very little foot/car traffic in their driveway. Valet the car & check my bag. Walk in the front door. Some ‘never been to mirage yahoo’s’ are forming THEIR single line for hotel check-in. I’m thinking to myself ‘ugh c’mon people’ u just get in whatever line u want. Then finally a clerk says ‘get in whichever window line u want’. So i quickly jump behind a guy checking in, and the yahoo’s wake up, lol. Guy in front of me with an accent explains to the clerk eleven times about a Convention-rate he wants. The clerk advises eighteen times, he cannot have that.

Finally, i get up to desk. The clerk says ‘welcome’. And, advises me that my room has already been asigned to me. So, i get my key & i’m off to the elevators & my volcano-view room.

Room 15045. Of note—(((((i’ll let you figure this out))))). The sign off the elvator says –> 15001 to 15045 –> ‘this’ direction.

Sooooo, i catch my breath at the end of the hall, lol. I’m in my room, and its nearly 9:00pm. Call downstairs for my bag, its up in about 10 minutes. I unpack and i


I unpack and i notice that i wasnt smart enough to pack my mini can of hair spray with the cap on. Guess i left the cap back home. Soooo, one of my shirts is drenched with the ‘stuff’, lol.

Open the drapes–check out the view. I had a view of wynn, casino royale, ti, harrah’s, and a few others. It was ‘okay’. The volcano could not be heard unless you opened the window. So, no worries there.

What i noticed ‘new’ to me–since i last visited the Mirage:

toilet–it has a swooshing helicopter engine something that is so powerful, im suprised it didnt take ME DOWN with it, lol.

the closet–it has heavy mirror doors, they must weigh 200 lbs per door.

the extras–they have a new ‘spread’ of soaps/lotions/etc. Some ‘lime’ company. All the stuff was green in color, heehee.

The door handles have a clever thing where you LIFT the handle (from inside), and that secures a 2nd deadbolt. Oh well, enough boring stuff.

I get a glass of water, the guy who brought the bag up got me a bucket of ice–nice guy–he had to walk allll the way down to the elevators to fill me up.

Time to go downstairs. I bought in for


I bought in for $60 at the dice table. Minimum was $10. I saw that for the next two days. Except ONE TIIME, they had a table for $5. Placed a few numbers and did alright, cashed out for $170 in about 25 minutes. Walked around. They had several draped off areas for CSI-WEEKEND-Retreat visitors. Whatever that was all about. I was still hungry, the line for caribe cafe was empty–but i kind of wanted something that i havent had before. I walked over to caesar’s.

I opted for something i HAD HAD before, lol. Got a slice of key-lime cheesecake at the C-Factory. Yummm. $6.95. Walked thru to the main casino, i think. I get lost in there a lot. Played some roulette & dice, lost very quickly. The forum shops now have a three story spiral escalator, pretty neat. Matter of fact, i never remember this one section of the Forum Shops being three stories. Oh well, things change.

Walked back to the mirage…temp outside was around 80. So that was fine. Played some VP for 25-cent. Didnt do so hot. I tried some slots, same thing. I dont think ive ever done well @ the mirage for machines my whole life. Played some more dice, bought in for $80. And, worked that into $0 in about fifteen minutes. Back up to the room. It was about 11pm or so.

My room came with a $20 dining credit, so i used it on room service. Called downstairs & opted for the blue-corn nachos, and a bottled water. Quoted 45 minutes & 11.95 & tax & a room svc charge fee & something else, etc. An hour & fifteen minutes passed. No food. Called them. “he’s on his way, but has to stop at another room before yours”. I said okay. But, wondered if my stuff would be gettin cold, lol. Two minutes later–it arrives, hot. Big ole plate of nachos with the standard stuff on em. Then a surrounded by large bowls of gauc, sc, salsa, chili, another kind of salsa, and something else.

So, that filled me up. Watched t.v. for about three seconds & must have fallen asleep.

:::end, day 1